Lease Compliance Simplified

The technology solution for enforcing lease compliance in your communities.

We believe property managers have the opportunity to provide good homes in safe, vibrant communities.

Unchecked lease violations disrupt and degrade rental communities and erode the economics which are necessary to provide quality housing for all.

The Most Trusted, Experienced, and Efficient.


Rental units we serve


Lease compliance issues resolved


Lease compliance issues resolved keeping residents in their homes


In mitigated lease violation damages


How you handle lease violations impacts your community and your bottom line. Differentiate your communities by enforcing lease compliance with our simple, yet complete solution.

Reduce costs

  • Exceptional value and exceptional service with fair and transparent pricing
  • Your court expenses are prepaid for you
  • Ongoing training available to you at no additional charge
  • Live, hands on support professionals available to you at no additional cost

Simplify legal actions

  • Execute and monitor the full eviction process online with your selected service provider
  • One point of entry for your staff
  • One interface for this process that differs state by state and county by county
  • Electronic updates pushed to your team
  • Integrated with multiple property management systems and accounts payable providers

Submit collections

  • Electronic submission of your account to your selected service provider 
  • A single point of entry for your staff
  • One simple interface for processes

Save time with integrations

  • Initiate and update legal actions in bulk via Excel
  • Move legal actions forward electronically, directly from Yardi
  • Submit your account electronically to your collections providers
  • Send your invoices directly to Yardi Procure to Pay, Ops Technology, and Nexus to automate your invoice payments
  • Submit your legal action electronically to courts in many states

Analyze trends

  • Portfolio-level reporting helps ensure compliance with corporate policies
  • Real time analytics and case status helps you monitor and control your compliance cases anywhere
  • Business Intelligence designed to monitor delinquency and compliance tracking
  • Detailed trend reports help you analyze trends to improve business processes
  • Case updates, key date reminders and end of month reporting are pushed via email for analytics that come to you
  • Improve the accuracy of your budget forecasting by using your data to predict future expenses.

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