Nationwide Compliant’s mission is to help property owners and managers provide quality housing in safe, vibrant communities at an affordable price. Without lease compliance, quality housing at an affordable price may move beyond the reach of many renters.

Voluntary rental assistance programs, such as Texas Eviction Diversion Program, have far reaching benefits for the property manager, owner, resident, and the entire community. Billions of dollars from federal and state funds have been allocated to help our communities. These funds specifically target struggling households and landlords by providing an opportunity to collect past due rent and utilities.

Property owners and managers may experience the long-term benefits of a loyal resident as well as saving turn and vacancy costs, while helping struggling households to keep their existing housing. Renters may gain added peace of mind alleviating the stress of worrying about their housing being at risk. We can help you access these funds, reduce your delinquency, and keep your residents in their homes.

Voluntary Eviction Diversion programs that repay past-due rent and utilities helps to reestablish lease compliance. Nationwide Compliant is proud to be a trusted partner in helping you participate in these programs where available and as you choose. We believe these voluntary programs help maintain housing affordability, healthy communities, and a pathway to prosperity.

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